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Hallmark Photography FAQ’s

What are we paying for?

  • Coverage: 8 – 12 hours of professional photography / videography coverage on your wedding day.
  • Post Production: 30 – 60 hours editing your images / films.
  • Equipment: Producing quality results requires high-end cameras which need to be maintained, insured & replaced as needed.
  • Public Liability: $20 million dollars coverage (peace of mind for you & your venue/s).
  • Licensing: The legal use of music on your slideshow / films.


Are your packages flexible? Do I have to choose exactly what’s in the package?

  • Our packages are based on duration of coverage and are designed based on popular demands. However we can even customise a package to meet your requirements or budget.


Can we get multiple Photographers / Videographers?

  • Our standard packages include coverage by a single photographer / videographer but you have an option to include coverage by additional shooters as an add-on. We believe in truly beautiful candid and natural shots from different angles & dimensions which are best achieved by two or more shooters. Hence we recommend all our clients to include multiple shooters as this multi-camera setup allows us to position ourselves strategically to capture things more naturally as and when they happen.
  • Also for weddings where the guest list exceeds more than 70 people, and you might have a special dance routine planned or have a fire works display – then it becomes important to have that second photographer present. Not only do they capture different elements of the day, but they assist as well with additional lighting which is crucial towards your sunset and evening images.


Do you Photoshop the photos?

  • All our photos are edited and colour corrected to make sure exposure, white balance and skin tones are right. We use our signature image editing techniques to retouch our photos to a certain standard, however if there are certain photos that you have chosen for the album or canvas print and you would like it to be further enhanced, we can do it for you.


How many photos do you take?

  • On an average wedding day we take a few thousand photos. We then go through all the images and delete imperfect images where people are blinking etc. and narrow it down to your best images of the day. So for a full-day 10+ hrs coverage, you can expect between 700-1000 images. These photos will be colour corrected, enhanced and the bridal portraits will be air brushed as well.


Do we get all of the photos?

  • For weddings we deliver unlimited photos.
  • For Portrait sessions we deliver a limited number of images based on the package, however you have an option to buy additional images from our online gallery.


How soon do we get to see the photos / video?

  • Within two weeks of the wedding/portrait session we usually put up a sneak peek on our Facebook page so that you can share with family and friends. We then put your secure online gallery so that you can see all of the photos, download or order prints. Delivering all the photographs may take up to 6-8 weeks and video around 8-12 weeks. Please Note – Delivery time depends on the wedding season, for peak seasons we might take slightly longer to deliver as we never rush on editing and strive to maintain our quality standards.


Are the images watermarked?

  • No, the images that you receive on USB are not watermarked, however the images published on social media are watermarked to retain our copyrights.


How do we order prints?

  • You can order prints through our website (secure online gallery) or take your USB and get prints from any printing company if you wish to. For enlargements or canvas prints we strongly recommend ordering them through our website, as we have calibrated our colours with selected print labs and guarantee best print results with lifetime warranty on canvas prints.


Can we get RAW files (digital negatives)?

  • You have an option to purchase RAW images / RAW video footage as an add-on. We deliver RAW images as full-resolution JPEG files.


What are the differences between the films?

  • Highlights Film: 5-10 minute cinematic wedding video showcasing the highlights of your day.
  • Documentary Film: 30-60 minute wedding film, featuring ceremony and speeches beautifully woven into a film.
  • Feature Film: 60-120 minute edited movie of your day, which features bridal preparation, groom preparation, ceremony, after shots, location shoot, speeches, cake cutting, first dance, bouquet and garter toss.


Can I chose my own music?

  • We will endeavour to accommodate personal song preferences for your films but then these videos become restricted for private viewing only and are not permitted to be published online due to copyright issues. However if you would like your ‘Highlights Video’ to be published online we can suggest a song / music track for which we have obtained streaming music rights to through varied production companies.


Do we get the copyright?

  • The copyright is owned by Hallmark Photography and partially shared with the client. We have copyright to use your images or film for commercial, advertising or promotional purposes and you have copyright to use and distribute them for non-commercial/personal use (considering text credits are provided to @HallmarkPhotographyAU where ever the images are posted or shared). If you do not want us to use your images or films for marketing purposes you can sign a non-disclosure agreement at an additional cost.


Do you offer a Pre-Wedding / Engagement Shoot?

  • ABSOLUTELY! This is something we really think every couple should consider. It is a great opportunity for us to know you before your wedding – creating a rapport between us that will get the best results when it comes to photographing your big day. Our clients often use their engagement shoot images to announce their wedding, build a wedding website or invitation cards. As you take this important step in your lives together, Our vision is to help you achieve an indulgent photographic look and feel that reflects your shared interests and passions. Engagement photography is a chance for us to get creative with locations and props, and it’s a lot of fun! We’d love to help you come up with a photographic concept that’s unique to you – a concept that allows your love for each other to shine through in the images we capture.


Can we provide you with a list of images, or must take picture list?

  • A shot list for the family and group photos is crucial. Every wedding is different with lots of variables when it comes to family photos and it’s best to have a list you can work from. You can provide us a wish list of images that you have seen on a website or social media and would want us to re-create for you. We try our best to get as many shots as possible but still can not guarantee re-creating all.


Do you have insurance?

  • Yes we have the necessary public liability insurance and can provide you with a copy if needed.


What equipment do you use?

  • We shoot with the latest in Full-Frame mirrorless camera technology. The Sony A7M2 series with Sony G-master & Carl Zeiss lenses. For drone shots we use the DJI mavic 4k drone. For gimble shots we use the electronic crane gimbal and Sony A6500 mirrorless camera. RodeLink wireless microphones and Zoom recorders for crystal clear audio.


What is client for life?

  • This always gets us very excited and we are so happy to offer this service to our clients. Client for life means, every year you and your partner can come back and do a free photo session with us. The session is free and you only page for the images you choose. It can be just a shoot to celebrate your love or you might have moved onto the next stage in your married life and will be expecting a little bundle of joy soon. This way we always stay in touch with our clients and see their family grow over time.


How long have you been in business?

  • We have been commercially shooting wedding for 2+ years now but have been photographers for 10+ years. After 12+ years in the photography industry we are still passionate about every couple we talk to. Our skills and portfolio have greatly grown over the years and we are proud to be called one of the best photography services in Brisbane.


Do you outsource your editing?

  • No, we do everything in-house here in Brisbane and do not outsource any of our image / video editing services. This helps us retain our signature style and guarantee professional results to each and every client.


How many weddings have you photographed?

  • Since 2015 we have photographed more than 60 weddings.


Can you hold my wedding date for me?

  • We can tentatively hold your date for you but if we do get another inquiry from another couple, We will check in with you to see if you want to proceed with our service or not. If you are ready to secure your date with us then a non-refundable deposit of $250 is required to lock in your date.


What are your payment terms?

  • Once your wedding has been booked with us a 25% deposit is required. Payment options are cash or internet banking. The balance is due 30 days before the wedding. You have the option to leave the payment until it is due or you can make progress payments, weekly or monthly if you wish. Your invoice will get updated every time you make a payment and will be emailed to you for your own records.


Can we pay our account after the wedding?

  • No, the entire balance is due 30 days before the wedding. If you however decide to order and album or wall art after your wedding then you can pay that via credit card, cash, internet banking or even with a payment plan. Please inquire with us how payment plans work.


If I cancel my wedding, is the deposit refundable?

  • The deposit is non-refundable. There are sometimes situations or circumstances that we will allow you to utilise the deposit for future shoots but this is the exception not the rule. We can also roll over your deposit if your date changes for any reason and you need to rebook with us with a new wedding date.


When should we book?

  • It depends on how much your want us to photograph your day. If you love our work even if your wedding is over 12 months away, then just book us. We have had too many disappointed couples who thought they could wait until a few months before their wedding to secure us. Generally our weddings book 12-14 months in advance.


If we are running late will you stay longer?

  • We will stay up to 15 minutes longer free of charge if things run late. If we have to stay 30 minutes or longer then it’s no problem, we will just charge our hourly photographer rate. This will however be discussed with you on the wedding night so you are not surprised when you receive an invoice from us. The invoice will only be issued after your return from your honeymoon.


Do you require a meal from us at the reception?

  • We do not demand a meal from you but most of our couples are kind enough to provide us with a meal. If you do decide not to provide us with a meal we will take some time during the reception to have our own food.


Can our family and friends take pictures?

  • In the digital age we live in today it is very hard to prevent. We do not mind your guests taking photos and creating their own memories. The only time we kindly advise that your guests sit back, be present during your day and put away their cameras, are during the ceremony.


What happens if the weather is bad?

  • We can’t control the weather but we can definitely have a plan B in place. It is crucial when we talk to our couples about their day that we discuss what will happen if it rains and we cannot get outside on location for their photos. We always carry umbrellas with us so we can still shoot on a rainy day and get great images. Secondly we always check if there are other areas at your venue where we can shoot indoors to still get beautiful photos. If your wedding has no wet weather option then we look at locations nearby that could offer that to us. We might have to take a short drive there but it is better than not being able to have any photos done. In the worst case scenario if your wedding is quite far away from any other places we could use, then we will do a post wedding shoot with the two of you, free of charge.


When do you start and when do you finish?

  • Depending on the time of coverage you choose 8 / 10 / 12 hours, when we start photographing you can count the hours on and that is when we will finish. For example if we start with groom prep at 12 pm then we will finish at 10 pm that night. Travel time is calculated within that time line. We always recommend that our couples try and find locations fairly close to each other when they are getting ready so we can cut down on travel time and maximize your coverage for the rest of the day.


Where are you based and do you charge for travel?

  • We are based in Brisbane City and we do not charge for travel up to 30 mins / 30 kms from the city (time is based on Google maps). For weddings outside the Brisbane, there is a travel charge. For weddings overseas or interstate, flights and accommodation, the night before and the night of the wedding needs to be provided or covered by the client.